Help and information on how to place an order.

Peguimar, S.A. only sells to professionals.

Currently we do not show info about prices in our website and it is not possible ordering online. If you find a product that interest you while browsing through our web, you must take note and send us an email with the reference number and the type of finish of your choice. This allows us to send you the prices immediately.

For now, it is not possible to log in or place orders or purchases through our website. We ask you to use the e-mail to send us your requests for price or your orders. We have the following finishes (galvanized coating): nickel, gold plated, silver plated, black eco, several micron gold plated, rhodium, brass plated, yellow bronze plated, antique silver plated, antique gold plated, antique cooper plated, white bronze plated, matt gold plated, matt silver plated, matt nickel plated and matt black plated.

We are at your disposal to clarify any question you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question by calling +34 96 276 34 32 or by email to